Friday, June 28, 2013

The Open Gate

All wealth, honor and prosperity will NOT mean a thing where we are going....the place that is prepared for us. The things of this "world" grows strangly dim! We know where our pasture is. He has opened the gate and allowed us in.... the Gate Keeper that is.

Turmoil, hating, fighting, quarreling, murdering and such are on the rise. But there is peace in the pasture through that gate. We find refuge. Those things will not be where we are going. The Gate Keeper extends the Open Gate to ALL.

A time will come when the gate is closed, to be opened NO more. What matters most is NOT see the gate closed from the outside looking in.

We are persecuted, ridiculed, suffered and killed. Where we are going this happens NO more.......
Oh the JOY! and Heavens Delight.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rescued for Possession

Oh Jesus, Jesus I love You.
I want to gaze upon Your beauty, to sit at your feet.
I love being so near to You and to know You love me.
You are my help and my refuge; You cover me with feathers.
Under Your wings I find refuge;                                                                 Your faithfulness is my shield and rampart.                                                              
Jesus I come only wanting You, to be near You.
To hold Your hands, kiss Your cheek, I put my loving arms around You as You hold me close to Your heart.
No other place I would rather be than to be held by You, no other place than close to You.                                                                                      You love me and sing rejoicing over me, I am Your delight!

Oh Jesus, Jesus I love You.
What does it cost to follow Jesus but my life.
Oh Jesus, the rich life You give, I am blessed!
Greater are You that is in me than he that is in the world.
Rescued from the fowlers snare, You give eternal life and salvation.
All Your goodness You bestow on me, Your love, Your joy and peace.

You are more than I could ask or imagine.
I am filled with an inexpressible joy!
I love being so near to You, Hold me tight, hold me near.
Oh Jesus, Jesus I love You.
My love and devotion I give to You.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Come As Little Children

The little children come to Me.
They move about without much thought,
And say what is on their heart.

These little children with inquisitive minds,
They look and examine what is Mine ~
the hair, the clothes, the hands and feet.
All their thoughts are about play and say,
"Jesus, will You come play with me?"
As we play ~
we run and jump, dance and twirl.
Oh what fun we have!

Each gives a kiss to say goodbye,
My heart wells up inside.
I pray to the Father.
As they grow in age,
Keep their hearts strong,
May they always return to Me!

Matt. 18:3

written by Arlene Miner
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Now I See

As people passed,
“Who is this Jesus?” I asked.
Then He came to me.
Jesus touched Me,
Now I see!

“I am the Light of the world.” He proclaimed,
“Do you believe?”
Falling to my knees,
Confessing, “Lord, I believe.”
Though I was blind, now I see!

Spiritually blind,
I could not see.
Jesus touched me
The soul and spirit,
Renewed my mind and quickened my heart.

A wonderful life He gave to me
For all eternity.
May the work of God
Be displayed in my life.
He touched me, now I see!

Written by Arlene Miner

Awaken Love


His loving arms embrace,
In Him find rest.
Joy and peace He gives,
And says “You, I bless.”

Honor Him Lord and King.
On bended knees bow,
Love He pours out
Grace and mercy abounds.

Hunger for Him!
Desire His closeness,
His love penetrating your heart.
Passionately fall in love with Him.

written by Arlene Miner

Released - Psalms 42

My soul wages war within
I cry out to God
"Help me, Lord, with this battle"
My Lord replies, "Release this battle from within, give it to Me."

Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy......
This is why my battles rage within!
But God is my victory;
To Him I submit.
With songs of praise brings
Release within as My God claims victory.
Calmness and peace come.
He puts a new song in my heart.

I lift Him up
To God be the Glory!
For You are my God.
Glory! Glory! Glory!

written by Arlene Miner

Brothers and Sisters in Christ As One

Become one, unite.
Enter this new life
Brothers and Sisters in Christ
Becoming one, united.

A given hope through the cross,
Jesus died for us.
Love came down from heaven above
Touched the soul, heart, and mind
To become one with Him.

Glory to God.
His majesty reigns
Now and forever more!
Brothers and Sisters united we are
Christ binding our hearts.....
Together we unite.

He is our firm foundation
Rooted and grounded in Him.
The resurrected life we will
See for all eternity,
Being one, united.

written by Arlene Miner